KLIMASKEN´ Indicators

Použité indikátory

Below is a list of all indicators used in KLIMASKEN. Each has its own label, which assigns it to one of five areas (descriptive, exposure, sensitivity, emission, readiness balance). It is also indicated whether it is an indicator of the basic or full version or KLIAMSKEN and whether it is applicable to the evaluation of the entire city, city district, municipality or building. Each indicator also contains a methodological sheet, which can be downloaded by clicking on the icon on the right.

Indicators for cities, city districts and municipalities

Doporučujeme rovněž, abyste si stáhli soubor Pomocné tabulky pro výpočet KLIMASKENu pro města (xls), který Vám pomůže uchovat i vypočítat hodnoty, jenž posléze zadáte k jednotlivým indikátorům expozice, citlivosti a připravenosti města.

Dále je seznam indikátorů pro města:

označeníIndicator namebasic versionfull versionMethodical sheet
POP2Total areayesyes50kB
POP3Population densityyesyes50kB
POP4Agriculture landyesyes51kB
POP5Forest landyesyes51kB
POP6Water surfaceyesyes31kB
POP7Built areasyesyes31kB
POP8Other areasyesyes31kB
POP9Protected areasyesyes52kB
POP10Podíl obyvatel žijících v bytových domechyesyes32kB
POP11Proportion of inhabitants living in family housesyesyes31kB
POP12Proportion of inhabitants connected to the water supplyyesyes30kB
POP13Connection to the public sewage systemyesyes31kB
POP14Expenditures of the cityyesyes50kB
EXP1The difference between the average annual air temperature in the observed year and the long-term averageyesyes52kB
EXP2The difference in the number of tropical days in the reference year compared to the long-term averageyesyes55kB
EXP3Difference in the number of tropical nights in the reference year from the long-term averageyesyes55kB
EXP4Difference in the highest number of consecutive calendar days without precipitation compared to the long-term average yesyes54kB
EXP5Number of flash floods in the past 5 yearsyesyes53kB
EXP6Frequency of river floods, when the river has overflowed its banks in the last 5 years.yesyes53kB
EXP7Proportion of the flooded area defined by line Q100 of the total area of the administrative territory of the city/city district/municipality.yes53kB
EXP8Number of days with the occurrence of extreme weather events (strong wind, hail, heavy thunderstorms, iceberg, icing, heavy snow).yesyes53kB
EXP9Number of days with occurrence of hydrological drought in the last year yesyes53kB
EXP10Climatic drought expressed by the Standardized Rainfall Evapotranspiration Index (SREI)yesyes54kB
AD1The area of green infrastructureyesyes64kB
AD2Availability of areas of public greenery of adequate quality yesyes61kB
AD3Built-up, paved impermeable areasyesyes58kB
AD4Podíl počtu osob zranitelné populace vůči vlnám veder z celkového počtu obyvatel yesyes31kB
AD5The share of the territory in the city with the risk of landslides from the total area of the administrative territoryyes53kB
AD6Proportion of the number of critical objects in the risk area endangered by torrential rains from the total number of critical objectsyes57kB
AD7Proportion of inhabitants living in the Q100 floodplain out of the total populationyes56kB
AD8Number of old ecological burdens in the cityyes54kB
AD9Proportion of the number of inhabitants living in the area at risk of floods from torrential rains from the total populationyes56kB
AD10Proportion of the number of critical objects located in the flood area of river floods Q100 from the total number of critical objectsyesyes56kB
AD11The share of drinking water in the total water consumption for watering public greeneryyes54kB
AD12Consumption of drinking water in the city / city district / municipality from public sourcesyes54kB
AD13Average usable capacity of drinking water sources for the needs of the city / city district / municipality per capita of the city/city district/municipalityyesyes58kB
AD14Forest vegetation prone to droughtyes54kB
AD15Amount of rainwater captured in cadastral areayesyes62kB
AD16Number of extraordinary climatic eventsyesyes55kB
MIT1Consumption of district heatyesyes54kB
MIT2Electricity consumptionyesyes53kB
MIT3Consumption of natural gasyesyes53kB
MIT4Transport performance in individual car transportyesyes54kB
MIT5Consumption of coal (brown, black) within the administrative territory of the city/city district/municipalityyes55kB
MIT6Consumption of other fossil fuels (propane-butane, heating oil, others) within the administrative territory of the city/city district/municipalityyes54kB
MIT8Transport performance in passenger rail transportyes54kB
MIT9Transport performance in passenger bus and trolleybus transportyes54kB
MIT10Transport performance in air transportyes54kB
MIT13Amount of mixed municipal waste disposed of in landfillsyes54kB
MIT14Amount of mixed municipal waste disposed of by incinerationyes54kB
MIT15Total hazardous waste productionyes54kB
MIT16Wastewater productionyes54kB
MIT17Amount of biodegradable municipal waste (BDMW)yes54kB
GOV1Strategic-institutional situation of the city in the field of adaptation to the impacts of climate changeyesyes55kB
GOV2Funds spent on the implementation of adaptation measuresyesyes54kB
GOV3Existence of a low carbon strategy / policy / action planyesyes60kB
GOV4Funds for the implementation of mitigation measures from the total budget of the city / city district / municipalityyesyes57kB
GOV5The share of residential buildings in a given energy standard according to the heat demand for heatingyes59kB
GOV6Proportion of public lighting spots replaced by a more efficient sourceyes56kB
GOV7Instalovaný výkon nově nainstalovaných fotovoltaických panelů na obyvateleyes51kB
GOV8Total power of spare sources for electricity generationyes55kB
GOV9Public buildings in the administration of the city/city district/municipality renovated in order to increase their adaptability to the impacts of climate change.yes55kB
GOV10Readiness of the city/city district/municipalityyes55kB
GOV12Number of awareness-raising events for citizens and local actors focused on education and increasing competencies (competences) in the field of climate changeyesyes54kB
GOV13Proportion of population with permanent access to one of the sources of informationyesyes54kB
GOV15Proportion of energy from RES (renewable electricity, heat and cold from renewable sources) in public buildings managed by the municipalityyes57kB
GOV16Production of energy from renewable sources within the administrative territory of the municipality.yes58kB

Indicators for buildings

Different metrics need to be used for buildings, so a different set of indicators is used.
We recommend that you download the file Calculation Auxiliary Tables (xls)to help you calculate the values that you later enter for each of the exposure, sensitivity, and readiness indicators.

označeníIndicator namebasic versionfull versionMethodical sheet
B-POP1Year of constructionyesyes50kB
B-POP2Year of significant renovation of the buildingyesyes52kB
B-POP3Number of floors yesyes50kB
B-POP5Built-up areayesyes51kB
B-POP6Living space (of apartments)yesyes51kB
B-EX1Flood riskyesyes54kB
B-EX2Ohrozenie technickej infraštruktúry záplavamiyesyes59kB
B-EX3Ohrozenie stavby extrémnymi meteorologickými javmiyesyes56kB
B-EX4The difference between the average annual air temperature in the observed year and the long-term averageyesyes58kB
B-AD1Thermal protection of perimeter wallsyesyes60kB
B-AD2Thermal roof protectionyesyes60kB
B-AD3Transparent constructionsyesyes60kB
B-AD4Shielding structures and shielding by structuresyesyes58kB
B-AD5Shading by structures and greeneryyesyes56kB
B-AD6Vegetation and gravel roofsyesyes56kB
B-AD7Colour versionyesyes58kB
B-AD8Cooling equipmentyesyes55kB
B-AD9Ventilation equipmentyesyes58kB
B-AD10Capacity of the building to accumulate rainwateryesyes60kB
B-EMI1+2Heat consumption in buildingyesyes
B-EMI3Electricity consumption in the buildingyesyes55kB
B-EMI4Electricity generation/production in the buildingyesyes55kB
B-EMI5Mixed municipal waste production in the buildingyesyes56kB
B-EMI6Wastewater production in the buildingyesyes56kB
B-GOV1Technical security of the buildings against floods and torrential rainsyesyes57kB
B-GOV2Retention of rainwater around the buildingyesyes62kB
B-GOV3Rainwater capture on the buildingyesyes60kB
B-GOV4Ensuring prevention against natural eventsyesyes56kB